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Now available in English after many sold-out printings in Hebrew. Includes Chumash text and translation. Includes Chumashtext and translation.

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It is simply dazzling! Edited, annotated, tions. Tens of thousandsof copies have been read and re-read by a vast and variedgroup: Torah scholars and laymen, students and teachers, menand women. Shabbos prayers. Here this Talmudic encyclopedist and Halachistpresents fascinating halachic discussions on aspects of the holidays, tracingthe development and application of the laws through the Talmudic andRabbinic commentators. Sale does not include Yerushalyim Hand-tooled sets. These books open the portals to some of the loftiest and most enlightening thought of the last century.

It includes: 4The his volume explores the influence of Jewish his-compilation of the Mishnah and Talmud, and how they tory on contemporary Jewish life. Especially recommended for young readers aged, it is fascinating reading for all ages. A perfect gift for bar or basmitzvah, graduation, or any special event. Each sidra is introduced by several Overviews.

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The text of theChumash is newly translated. Debates between Rashi, Ramban, Ibn Ezra,and the classic commentators down to modern times, come alive in theanthologized commentary gleaned from two thousand years of Rabbinicwritings. By Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz. Overviews by Rabbi Nosson Scherman. Inspiring and uplifting, it emphasizes the spiritual and personal relevance of each psalm. This 2-volume edition features a new and faithful translation by Miriam StarkZakon, illustrated with woodcuts from the Frankfurt edition.

This magnificent anthology includesinsights and anecdotes. By Rabbi Moshe Lieber. Now five of her bestselling cookbooks are available as one incred- ible gift, perfect for weddings, engagements, housewarmings, and all occasions! No other work gives such insight into the pre-Holocaust chassidic world of Eastern Europe, as seen through the eyes of a major Rabbinic and chassidic figure. Translated by Uri Kaploun, and arranged according to the parashah of the week and the Festivals.

By Rabbi S. Quick Upload. Featured Examples.

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Creation Tutorial. Video Tutorial. Hashem responded that in the morning they would see that He had not forsaken them. In the morning — and every morning for the next 40 years — there was manna waiting for them.

T’fillati—Making Prayer Mine: K'dushah

By evening there was nothing left, and the next morning, it was there again. Can you imagine how we would feel if we went to sleep every night with empty refrigerators? There in the Wilderness, Hashem showed our ancestors that ultimately, parnassah is in His hands. We pray for it every day — to provide for our families, to assist worthy causes, to build sturdy foundations for the future.

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The Torah reading of this coming Shabbos — Parashas Beshalach — includes the chapter telling how the Jewish People in the Wilderness received manna. Many people recite the chapter daily, as a special prayer for parnassah.

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There is also a widespread custom to recite this chapter on the Tuesday of the week of Beshalach, which this year is today, January 27th. As a public service, we offer the text and interlinear translation of the chapter, from the Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Siddur. Please feel free to download it. In this classic best-seller, Rabbi Binyomin Forst provides a clear and detailed overview of the laws of Kashrus, an explanation of common kashrus problems and tips on how to avoid them, plus an guide to kitchen tools and appliances and their halachic considerations.

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And make sure to click the link below to download a sample chapter from The Kosher Kitchen. With over 50 titles in our Halachah category, there are plenty of savings to be had. No coupon code needed — prices reflected on website.

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  • This gallery contains 6 photos. Gateway to Judaism is unique. The book addresses many fascinating and essential aspects of traditional faith and practice, including:. What are the major milestones of Jewish life?

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    • How do we pray? Why do we keep kosher? Why do we put mezuzahs on doorposts? What are the thirteen fundamentals of Jewish thought? What is the rationale for observing the commandments of the Torah mitzvot? Why is Torah study central to Jewish communal life?