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A great resource for coupons is by emailing the company directly.

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You can tell them your favorite things about the product, how you use it, who loves it the most in your family, etc. If you have a complaint, be sure to be honest with them about your issues. They also appreciate it if you can include the product numbers from the packaging.

Hopefully they will reward you for sharing your opinions by sending you coupons. Writing to companies is a great way to get coupons. And the more coupons you get, the more you save off your grocery bill and the more extra you have to put towards other areas of your budget like a Disney fund.


Each day Monday — Friday I suggest you email 5 companies from the above spreadsheet. These letters can be compliments, complaints or questions. Sometimes they even send coupons for free products! I always write about something personal. Earlier this month, I wrote to Raid.

A wasp had gotten into my house. So when I wrote Raid, I shared the details in the incident with them. Then I told them how much I love their product and how it improves my quality of life. They sent me a coupon for a free can of wasp spray.

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When I serve your muffins at my breakfast table, my whole family raves about how sweet and delicious they are. Thank you so much for making a great product that enables my family and I to make great memories around the breakfast table every Saturday. Thank you for your time. Get as personal as you can about the product and tell them how much their product means to you. I recently noticed your product on the shelf and decided I would give it a try.

Somehow the packaging had become unsealed before I went to open it myself. I was so disappointed and embarrassed. See how I provided the information concerning the incident and my hesitation to try the product again? I never flat out asked for coupons. I just give them honest feedback and let the chips fall where they may. Also if you have an issue with a product, save the packaging so you can provide the company with the batch numbers off the packaging so they can investigate the incident.

Here are some of the coupons that have been received by writing to companies….

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Do you put your mailing address in the email? Or do they ask you that in response? How do they know where to send the coupons? This new product line of powerful washing detergents helps remove the tough dried? I personally use the Oxiclean powder that I purchased at Costco for extra laundry boost!

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Love it for getting whites white. I have not tried this brand of laundry soap, but have used Arm Hammer OxiClean laundry soap quite a bit in the past and I found it worked well. OxiClean is a famous brand name for a line of household cleaners founded in The brand was owned by Orange Glo International until This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. OxiClean Laundry Detergent This new product line of powerful washing detergents helps remove the tough dried?

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About Oxiclean OxiClean is a famous brand name for a line of household cleaners founded in Limited mode. OxiClean Canada Mail in Rebate.