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Earn Kroger Fuel Points 6. Cashback credit cards. Load Coupon at Kroger. Download Free Friday App. See Deal at Kroger. Download the Kroger App. See All Kroger Gift Cards. Related posts:. Hyatt Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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By continuing, you agree to their use. Learn More Accept. Necessary Always Enabled. Chase Sapphire SM Checking. Discover Bank Online Savings. Simple High-Yield Checking. Chase College Checking SM. TD Bank Checking. Discover Cashback Debit Account. Huntington Bank Business Checking Huntington Bank Unlimited Business Checking. You Invest SM by J. Chase Private Client. If u have stoped it than u need to take everything down concering it. Thier are alot of pople who look foward to free fridays.

Customers always act like I was the one that personally decided against it this week and get confrontational. A few want to see a manager. Another week without it is now too much. Over a year ago, Kroger was panicked about the Amazon stores with their self check out carts and home deliveries, so hence all the FM remodels. They widened the isles to allow for click list carts and customers that had said they desired to get in and out ASAP including not getting trapped by back up in isles.

Another reason we had no mass hirings like we usually do seasonally. As an employee, we all discuss they are fazing out more actual employees in more than just the checkout process.

Lovedthe Sunday ads as that was my shopping day and FM was my first and sometimes only stop. Albertsons and Safeway are closer, and since ads break all on the same day they are now my first stops. Now with thempretty much canceling freebie friday, no real reason to visit them on the weekend either. Too bad to see such an icon losing its appeal. They got rid of senior Tuesday now free Friday is gone. Check my shopping card, Krogers. From 15 times a month shopping there to once a month.

Kroger & Affiliates: FREE Private Selection Ice Cream, Chips, & Barbecue Sauce

I can pay high prices anywhere. I can live without a weekly free sample of yogurt, candy, energy bar, sports drink, etc.

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Kroger is not the least expensive, but I started paying more for other items to get the Free Friday, coupon savings, and the gas points. Also, being a single senior citizen buying 5 of items is not a saving for me because I have no room or need for bulk items. I love my neighborhood Kroger but the incentive to shop there over lower priced competitor is slipping away. I am going to start shopping other places too.

It was just the point that they would do that for US. Sorry for Ranting. And the gas is usually higher than other places so you are spending more money to get a discount to bring it down to the same price across street or around corner. I get gas Cheaper elsewere without a card and normally dont use my points either. Kroger has taken over our Fred Meyers. It is no longer a friendly place to shop. That buy five crap sucks. As for fuel points, earned ones disappear. We are turning to local farmers markets and family owned stores.

Some of the items are just not healthy like candy!

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Your five for five items are a pain as well. It would just be easier to mark some your prices down like other stores and not have all that stuff going on all the time. It seems like The shelves are not stocked the way they should be on sale items there should be someone checking them constantly all day. The Kroger store in Vandalia have good employees and very friendly I do have to say that. Another thing that I have not been receiving through the mail is free items what happened to that? It really is easier to shop at Walmart and not have to think about coupons and and all those items at five for five etc.

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  4. I get my prescriptions there which is one reason why I come in a lot however I can change that as well. This is not a Kroger specific app. The app is user-friendly; just download it and select Grocery and then the Kroger that is near you. You will see what food and items you can get cash back for purchasing. Pairing these with a sale, or another coupon usually makes a great deal.

    Kroger Free Friday Download (11/01/19) Sneak Peek!

    Checkout51 — This is another ap AND website! You can use them both together. You buy things and scan the receipt and are given cash back. I talk a lot about earning FREE products from surveys here.